National hip fracture database


Proximal femur fractures are also known as the end point of fragility fractures and require countermeasures on a global scale with an aging population.

One of the activities of the Fragility Fracture Network (FFN) is to create a database based on guidelines and audits of proximal femur fracture treatment. FFN is implementing reforms to improve and advance the treatment of proximal femur fractures.

With international comparison in mind, FFN-Japan will create a database using the Minimum Common Dataset, which is common to all FFN, and will conduct inter-hospital, regional and international comparisons to examine the characteristics and issues of treatment in Japan. Based on the results, FFN will propose an audit system that reflects the guidelines.

As a successive project, we will work to achieve proper treatment of proximal femur fractures and thorough prevention of secondary fractures. We will also work to reflect this in the national medical fees by referring to the implementation models in other countries.

National Hip Fracture Database (Japanese version)
Recruitment of Medical Institutions to Participate in the Construction Project

Project Purpose

Proximal femur fractures require countermeasures in Japan, where the population is aging, and on a global scale. In some countries, patient databases are used to concretize appropriate treatment and to reflect it in medical fees.

The Fragility Fracture Network (FFN), an international organization, created a common patient database and is implementing reforms to improve and advance the treatment of proximal femur fractures.

The Fragility Fracture Network Japan (FFN-J) has decided to start a project to create a Japanese proximal femur fracture database with international comparisons in mind, and make inter-hospital, regional and international comparisons. We will examine the characteristics and challenges of treatment in Japan.

Patient information will be registered in an international format, translated into Japanese, and will be tracked for one year.

We would like to ask doctors who are treating proximal femur fractures to participate in and cooperate with this project. Please consider participating in this project at your hospital.

For further information, please contact
Secretariat of Fragility Fracture Network Japan (NPO)
Attn: Ogata
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FFN-J Database Report

Notice regarding database of proximal femur fractures